Try, Try, Try Again.

I realize that I've said this several times over the years, but I'm going to try to be back here more often. And by more often I think I mean... maybe once a month would be nice?

A lot has changed in the three and a half years since I originally conceived of starting this blog. I'm older, for one. The adorable kitten I mentioned in my first, tentative, slightly melodramatic post is now a fully grown, slightly pudgy, diva of a cat who, like most cats, wants her dinner now-god-dammit, even if now is only five minutes after breakfast. That initial post, and several others like it, is now hidden in draft mode, because I need to decide if I think that I want to show the full history of aborted and half-hearted attempts to start and finish something for once, please, just once in my life. I got fired from my miserable job in food service, which wasn't much of a loss but still threw me for an incredible loop because, when the day was done, I didn't know who I was without that place. I spent twelve months unemployed, trying to fight my own anxiety and ADD to get in applications, get through interviews, and finally get the job I'm in right now - a job where I feel appreciated, and occasionally even needed, and where I am valued. Where I work 35 hour weeks standard, and don't have to spend all of my time wondering whether it will be a 45 hour or 80 hour week this month. I finally have the structure I'd always been searching for, and I'm taking advantage of it to build myself a schedule that allows me to actually take care of myself for the first time in... well, probably ever.

Some things haven't really changed much. I still have a tendency to make stock, forget to freeze it, and remember it two months later, when I clean out my section of the fridge. I had nine kinds of cheese in there this morning, too. Actually, I probably could have done a whole "12 Days of Cooking" out of the contents of my refrigerator - and don't think I haven't thought about it. My bedroom is still a mess, mostly because I have more stuff than I can really fit in it. I still fill my car with trash roughly once every two weeks, and I still fail to complete most of the projects that I start.

I'm more mature than I was then. Possibly wiser. Definitely have a more realistic sense of direction to my life than I did in those first, fumbling posts (more on that later, I'm sure) back at what seems like the appallingly young age of 24. I have no idea whether the title and URL I chose back then will have any meaning in the life I'm currently living, but given that I will probably only be able to post on weekends there's always the possibility of relevance. Whether I've reached a point where I can consistently update a blog remains to be seen... but let's try, shall we?

(Hoping to get another post out this weekend. We'll see how that goes. But welcome back, Internets. I've missed you.)